Enkamat A

Enkamat A is a heavier and thicker high performance flatback three-dimensional matting made of polyamide monofilaments pre-filled with a bitumen bound mineral filter of 2-5 mm chippings. Enkamat A20 is approximately 22 mm thick and weighs
20 kg/m2, with a mat width of 4.8 m.

Enkamat A was developed over 25 years ago, and provides solid immediate erosion protection but still allowing vegetation to grow through its structure resulting in a naturally vegetated slope within a few months.

Enkamat A is used on river or canal banks, lakes and reservoirs and is resistant to the wave action of small ships and pleasure craft. In particular Enkamat A is designed to withstand high water velocities immediately after installation and becomes even stronger as the vegetation establishes.

The permanent erosion prevention mat is flexible and permeable and allows vegetation to grow through, thereby minimizing soil runoff and hydrostatic pressure.

Installation instructions in brief
Profile the terrain, then seed. Afterwards, Enkamat A is easy to roll out and install with the lifting beam provided. Finally, the mat is pinned down with steel pins, the ends of the lanes covered in a small ditch. A microclimate highly favourable to germination forms underneath Enkamat A, accelerating vegetation growth.

Detailed installation instructions are available from our sales team and representatives worldwide.

Example Enkamat A product type:
Enkamat A20 - Data Sheet (pdf)

The filling of Enkamat A20 is certified by Intron for the Dutch "Bouwstoffenbesluit";
Intron Certificate, NL BSB certificaat.
Translation certificate into English

For technical product information or consultancy, please contact the Colbond representative in your market.

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